Perth Football League AGM Sets Stage for Exciting Changes Thu, February 29, 2024 - 10:45 AM

Monday 26 February marked a pivotal night for the Perth Football League (PFL) as the league’s clubs were invited to the 2024 Annual General Meeting (AGM) and Season Preview at Claremont Football Club which unfolded with promises of continuity and innovation. The AGM saw the reappointment of two board members, Matt Grant and Jim Malone, signalling a commitment to stability and experience within the league's leadership.

PFL CEO Andrew Dawe and President Sam Birmingham were strong on the league’s commitment to strengthening the support for each of the member clubs. To highlight this commitment, Mark Sanders PFL Club Development Manager was invited to speak on the momentum that is being generated. Mark launched TidyHQ which will assist clubs in automating internal communication within their volunteer network, plus providing another avenue for communicating with the league.

Following the conclusion of the AGM, a season preview was presented to clubs with a strong focus on club development. Among the highlights were the introductions of new staff appointments, injecting fresh energy and expertise into key areas of league management. Jarryd Emery joins as the Brand and Growth Manager, bringing with him a wealth of strategic marketing acumen. Jack Crawshaw steps in as the Umpiring Specialist, poised to enhance officiating standards within the league. Rounding out the new appointments is Ben Roberts, taking on the role of Football Operations Officer, joining the operations team he will focus on optimising key tasks.

Attendees transitioned into an exhibition at the commencement of the meeting, with access to PFL departments to provide stakeholders with valuable insights into the league's performance across various facets of its operations. Moreover, the presence of esteemed partners underscored the collaborative spirit driving the PFL forward.

Throughout the evening, each PFL department—Football Operations, Umpiring, Club Development, and Brand & Growth—was on hand to engage with attendees, fostering a sense of transparency and accountability. This open dialogue facilitated constructive discussions aimed at addressing challenges and seizing opportunities for growth. Club delegates spent considerable time with PFL staff, particularly with Mark Sanders which is a great sign that club engagement is being bought into by key stakeholders.

With the 2024 season only weeks away, the Perth Football League is excited for the year ahead and looks forward to working with clubs and key stakeholders towards further success. The PFL wishes all clubs the best of luck for 2024! 

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