Construction Training Fund Backs Colts Competition Fri, March 10, 2023 - 10:35 AM

A handful of construction apprentices from the Perth Football League headed to Construction Training Fund (CTF) in Belmont to launch CTF's new sponsorship with the Colts competition for the 2023 season.

This alignment will allow CTF to connect to the PFL's 2,000+ Colts (17-20-year-old) players and help those considering a career or currently working in construction.

The Colts got a chance to chat to CTF CEO Tiffany Allen, who was keen to hear about these young men's experiences in the construction industry.

"There is currently a significant skills shortage within the WA construction industry, so the ability for CTF to speak to young men either considering or working in trade, through the PFL's Colts network, provides really valuable insights to CTF," Allen said.

"Not only is the PFL Colts competition a key focus area for CTF to attract and engage new apprentices into the construction industry, their input and feedback will help inform the development of future CTF programs designed to support younger construction workers." 

The apprentice Colts players were unanimous that learning useful skills with their hands and not sitting in an office was the way to go, and when mixed with the football training, games and social aspects of their football teams, it provided them a great balance of work, physical exercise and socialising.

Manning Rippers duo Sam Bateman (left) and Callum Flynn (right) played in a premiership last year and thought the Colts competition was a great pathway for young guys leaving school and junior football to transition into a senior club.

"To be able to play with local guys around our age has been awesome," said 19-year-old Sam Bateman.

"When I started my apprenticeship it took some adjusting but my club was really supportive of my work commitments which has made it easier to play."

About Construction Training Fund

Construction Training Fund is creating a skilled, safe and sustainable workforce for the Western Australian building and construction industry. They collect a training levy and use it to reduce the cost of training a diverse, job-ready workforce and educate the next generation about the variety of exciting roles and opportunities on offer in the construction industry.

The fund operates an interactive venue, the Construction Futures Centre, designed to inspire school-aged children, young adults and people considering a career change to explore the variety of pathways and job options on offer within the industry.

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