Community Accelerator Program

The Community Accelerator Program is a targeted development program that is open to Junior Community Field Umpires who want to develop their knowledge, skills, and experience.

CAP Umpires are members of the Perth FL Umpiring Panel with weekly training sessions and regular appointment to Perth FL Panel games.

Umpires will be expected to train weekly on a Monday evening with the Perth FL Panel Umpires at Ernest Johnson Oval. Thursday training is optional.

Umpires will be expected to umpire regularly in Perth FL panel games on a Saturday.

In addition, CAP Umpires will undertake monthly extension sessions focussing on their on and off field umpiring development.

Umpires will have access to Senior Mentors who will support their involvement in the Perth FL.

Umpires will also have integration opportunities with the State League and Talent umpiring program through connection with Umpiring WA’s talent ID programs.

Further details HERE

For more information and to join this exciting program please contact PFL Umpiring Specialist: Jack Crawshaw on

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