Umpire Requirements


  • Perth Football League matches shall be umpired by WAFC Panel Umpires, WAFC Club Pooled Umpires and/or Club Appointed Umpires.
  • Where specified, each team is to appoint for each qualifying round match a Field Umpire, a Boundary Umpire and a Goal Umpire dressed in the approved Perth Football League Umpire uniform.
  • Where a club fails to provide a Field, Boundary or Goal Umpire for the fixtured match, the relevant team shall forfeit their match.
  • A suspended player is not permitted to act as a Field, Boundary or Goal Umpire.
  • Field Umpires shall have attained the age of 16 years. 
  • Boundary and Goal Umpires shall have attained the age of 13 years. WAFC recomneds umpires aged 14 years or over for Senior Grades.
  • The home team is responsible for providing Umpires a changing room which is separate to both teams that is secure, clean and free of stored items.
  • Clubs are to provide the name and contact details of the Field Umpire(s) appointed to each of their teams on the nominated form by 3 March 2020. Any amendment to this list must be provided to the League prior to the commencement of season or the Umpires first match. 


Clubs in B Reserve, C2, C3 and C4 will be required to provide an Umpire who will be pooled and appointed by the WAFC.  Where possible these Umpires will be appointed close to their home.

Where a Pooled Umpire is willing and able to umpire two games in a day then they can only officiate in Colts/Women's and League in order to rest between games and to ensure the highest standard of umpiring possible is provided to the League team. WAFC Umpiring reserve the right to observe an Umpire officiating in both Colts and League to make a determination as to their level of competency and fitness. If it is deemed the Umpire in this case is not up to the required standard, the club will be asked to source an additional Umpire.    

All remaining grades will be umpired by Club Appointed Umpires who will be paid by their respective clubs. It is also important to note the acceptance of all Club Umpire nominations will be at the discretion of WAFC Umpiring. 


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